My name is Jaana, I am a Tallinn-born, Berlin-based graphic designer. I am specialised in visual identities, print campaigns, book design, information and wall graphics.

I hold a MA degree in political science from Goldsmiths College, University of London and I'm completing my PhD in Tallinn University. My research interests include: social media, activism, trauma & memory. I write regularly for feminist portals and magazines.

While designing is not always seen as a political act, it does involve many political choices. Questions such as where should production take place, who is being represented, how people are being addressed, and what role
 design plays in creating desires all have political implications, and designers have to be aware of such implications.

I want to use design not only as an answer to the client’s brief but also as a tool for questioning and thinking, in order to be able to process and work through the tensions and complexities of society.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, whether it be for work, a collaborative project, or just for a chat.